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The Charities Aid Foundation of America or CAF America in Virginia surveyed over five hundred charitable organizations around the world to assess the COVID-19 pandemic impact to global operations.

Nearly 100% of the nonprofit organizations stated that COVID-19 has negatively impacted their operations due to a decline in contributions.  Further exacerbating the situation, nonprofits have experienced increased costs due to the magnification of inefficiencies in operations, broken supply chains, restricted travels, and more.  Experts predict that 22,000 nonprofits will eventually close their doors for good as a result of the current economic crisis – it’s a nonprofit massacre!

Regardless of finances, just about everyone has the ability to help a nonprofit in some meaningful way, ranging from donating time to lending expertise to financial contributions. Critical skills in demand include real estate, management, legal, medical, and financial expertise. People with marketing, social media, and public relations skills are also essential. All donations of time, expertise, and finances can mitigate the negative impact on nonprofits during this pandemic.

A significant number of Americans working from home now have more free time. Why not use this time to help others?  Make calls to friends and colleagues, asking for support for a needy nonprofit. Post on social media about the good things a nonprofit does, or how a nonprofit has helped you or your family. Join a nonprofit board, committee, or task force. If not you, then who? If not now, when?  

How we all react during this crisis not only will show what we are made of, but also has the potential to influence the future.  We all have the opportunity to use this unique moment to make our world a better place and ensure that vital nonprofit organizations remain viable.