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“What is the world coming to?” “The world is going to pot.” These are phrases my 80-year old grandmother used to say, which I now find myself saying daily. I swear, I’m too young to be incorporating these phases into my daily lexicon. Next thing you know, I’ll be saying “Back in my day…” or “Let’s hit the early bird special!” Oh wait, I said that last weekend.

Well lately, it’s been feeling like “It’s the end of the world as we know it…” and I don’t feel fine (OK, this is more my generation).

The COVID-19 pandemic has left a wake of misfortune. Job losses have led to many people being in danger of missing rent or mortgage payments. Though some states have introduced eviction moratoriums, many of those are about to expire. Legal aid offices are being inundated with calls about housing issues shortly.

Civil rights and social injustices have sharply escalated as COVID-19, compounded with the death of George Floyd and resulting protests, have exposed some difficult truths about our society, often impacting our vulnerable, lower income and far-too-often marginalized brothers and sisters the most, with issues ranging from job loss, retaliation, healthcare access to childcare – all matters requiring legal support.

Small businesses have also been vulnerable to shutting their doors forever, as months of revenue loss has dashed dreams and livelihoods while many wait for PPP or EIDL funds as they face issues related to rent, monthly bills, or other financial hardships. Having access to a legal advisor to guide them through the newly complicated landscape is crucial.

Therefore, check out the American Bar Association “COVID 19 and Pro Bono” site for free legal advice.