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“Good fences make good neighbors.” – right? 

But how about “If you burn your neighbor’s house down, it doesn’t make your house look any better,”? Better yet, how about “Love thy neighbor as thyself,”?

Millions of Americans have lost their livelihood and savings during this pandemic. So, how can we help our unemployed neighbors in need? Because really, who can’t benefit from your kindness and expertise?

Love Thy Resume

Help your neighbor pivot from unemployment to an opportunity to reinvent themselves.  Do you have mad writing or designing skills? Outstanding! As resumes are the first impression for many candidates, help your neighbor build an eye-catching resume and LinkedIn profile.

Don’t know your neighbors? No problem! Social media apps like Nextdoor can help connect you to other residents in your neighborhood. Of course, there are also the traditional social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see if there are others in need of your support.

Resumes not your thing? No problem! You have a plethora of talents and a sea of networks and connections to leverage in order to help your neighbor find a job.

Don’t Love Thy Stuff?

Don’t have time? No problem! Give financially.

Can’t donate financially? No problem! Consider donating your unwanted goods through apps like Freecycle or the Buy Nothing Project

There are countless ways to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” In the wise words of Nike, “Just do it!”