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The United States of America – a beautiful kaleidoscope of nationalities, cultures, and ethnicities whose ever-changing reflections and patterns are a wonder to behold. From purple mountain majesties to the steely grit of Gotham, I love America. From the perfect, pillowy Filet-O-Fish to the $19.99 All-You-Can-Eat Buffet, I really love America!  My birthplace was Seoul, South Korea. But my home is America. I’m proud to be an American (sorry for stealing your line, Mr. Lee Greenwood).

My wish for our North Korean refugees is for them to feel this love for their new country, and to enrich it’s kaleidoscope while honoring their heritage. So, some simple food for thought:

Be Kind

Really simple, right? Will cost you nothing. But may help your fellow man/woman feel like a million bucks!


Volunteer to help refugees integrate smoothly into your community. The first is to volunteer to be a mentor to English language learners and help them prepare for their citizenship test. You can also volunteer for an immigrant rights organization in your community, at the local refugee resettlement agency, or a nearby Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program to help lower-income immigrant and nonimmigrant families.


The large majority will never make it to our shores. So help them to new shores, new hope, new futures for generations to come. There is a myriad of organizations, like Liberty in North Korea ( Pick one and act.