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Save the world… or at least a tiny piece of it… during COVID-19! Here’s how.

Let’s start with an easy one. Eat! Approximately ⅓-¼ of restaurants have declared that they won’t be able to bounce back from this pandemic. Whenever possible, if you do have the resources, order curbside pickup or delivery to keep the local restaurants in business.

Help others eat! Check out the vast number of food banks that need donations and volunteers.

Want to be entertained while you make a difference in this world? Engage in celebrity-funded efforts that support various causes, such as live streaming concerts from their homes.

Of course, there are always the well-known, well-respected charities, like the Red Cross and United Way, as well as the more specialized charities like Vitamin Angels, a nonprofit organization that provides lifesaving vitamins to pregnant women, mothers, and children under the age of five. They have helped save countless people from malnutrition.

Children who are practicing remote learning from home due to school closings are severely lacking in equipment like headphones. There are also organizations like JBL Audio who have joined forces with famous athletes to help support children.

There are literally untold numbers of ways to save a little piece of the world today. Go nuts!