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Traveling … LOVE!  The breathtaking views, intriguing cultures, the delectable cuisine … I can attest to the fact that the McDonald’s in Moscow vs. Paris vs. NYC are delightfully unique 😉 … foodies, are you cringing yet?  Can’t help it. Don’t judge me. Love my McDonald’s! 

However, while the area is new to you, it is someone else’s home.  As such, some food for thought to get the most out of your travel experience, while at the same time being an ambassador for your own country.  How great would it be if everyone viewed travel as an opportunity to enjoy new experiences as well as spread love, understanding, and kindness around the world!

Do Research on the Culture 

Google … need I say more?  But in addition to your normal research on the best sites and restaurants, learn about the culture.  What’s deemed respectful vs. not? Show a genuine interest and respect for their culture.

Moreover, what philanthropic opportunities are there?  Whenever I travel, I try to immerse myself and contribute to the local culture, even if it’s only an hour of my time.  Make a difference and contribute wherever you go.

Learn a Few Native Words

Again … Google.  Just learn a few simple words and phrases, like “Hello,” “Thank You,” “Please,” or “I’d like fries with that.” — any words or phrases you’d most likely be using often.

No one expects you to be fluent.  In fact, most will find it endearing that you’re even trying.  And that builds camaraderie and opportunities for goodwill and friendships.

Show Respect 

Nothing is sadder than watching people from other countries come in and disrespect or desecrate any part of your home or culture.  Everyone’s life experiences drive their beliefs. So be open to others’ points of view, as an open mind will provide infinite opportunities to enrich your life.  Last but not least, be kind.